Videos from Lovarchy-Shalom and Trinity Nuclear Abolition:
Dancing As Organic Atomic Energy The Art of Catherine McCandless Hospitality Is Resistance: A California View of the Catholic Worker Movement Spiritually-Minded Anarchists AND Other Radical Americans NDE in the Nuclear Age, released in 2002 Homeless mentally ill folks inspire not-so-obviously mentally ill housed folks to get active. Fight Hunger Via Ending Nukes
Organic Atomic Energy and It's Getting Very Nasty

Audios From Katholic Worker Community Radio and Other Pacifist Pegasus Participations:
Ammon of America Dorothy Stories IconoClashyMysticIconoclashmystic
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Montesano vs. Monsanto Unholy Apex Baby Powaq Temp Agency Family Spirit Walk 2002
Baby Powaq Temp Agency

Shot in 1990, the raw footage sat in the closet while the Producer (Connie Caplan) was busy with many other projects, Then she was destroyed by cancer in 1995, so one of the crew members obtained the footage. The editor claimed, "Because most of the services for the homeless in Sacramento had changed by the time I could edit it, the original intent of the movie could not be honored without re-shooting 30% to 40% of the tapes." He therefore edited it for the first time in a meditation on the interplay between mental illness, television, and the system of service provisions for the homeless.

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Produced in 2000 for, this is a mix of historical lessons and propaganda for the faith-based resistance to nuclearism through witness and prayer-actions at the Nevada Test Site.

Hospitality Is Resistance: A California View of the Catholic Worker Movement

Produced between 1995 and 1997, this is a collage-u-mentary pertaining to Catholic Workers mostly in California. The movement continues the traditions of personalist service to the poor and needy with the necessary challenging and resisting of the causes of poverty in America, or at least questioning WHAT makes the system suck so bad.

Montesano vs. Monsanto

Montesano Vs. Monsanto is in pre-production, scheduled for release Summer 2018, 43 years after the purchase of the land which became the Catholic Worker Farm in Calaveras County, CA. The 15-minute short film introduces us to Chris Montesano, and his life-long revolutionary lifestyle which may eventually put an end to agri-business giant Monsanto Corporation... that's our hope ('cos we don't want Monsanto to put an end to the world as we know it first) and the competition for attention continues.

Spiritually-Minded Anarchists AND Other Radical Americans

A Peace of the Anarchy is a quick summary of 20th century American radical activism with a notable focus on the christian pacifist anarchist Ammon Hennacy. Ammon is a prime example of the marginalized prophetic witness for peace and justice in the USA. Other activists appearing in the program also follow the radical (rooted/basic/simple) ideology and optimism that goodness will overcome evil, love is superior to hate and truth trumps falsehood.