WHO Was That?
Crew Credits

See about 40 people talking about their work and the spirit of activism in A Peace of the Anarchy. Since this motion picture was conceived in 1997, yet produced in 2003 and 2004, those people who died before 2004 appearing here may have been unaware they would be part of this project posthumously. This includes Ammon Hennacy.

Spiritually-Minded Anarchists AND Other Radical Americans

Cast of Interviewees/Speakers
in rough order of appearance:

Ammon Hennacy
James Missey
Daniel Jameson
Diane Hennacy Powell
Linda "Lucky" Lukashow Marlovitz
Jen Petullo
S. Brian Willson
"NoMoreNucs" Norb (Drouhard)
Dennis Apel
Tensi Hernandez
Elmer Maas
Mary Riseley
Karl Meyer
Judith Malina
Lenny Foster
Juanita & Wally Nelson
Gopal Dayaneni
John Dear, SJ
Dorothy Day
Fr. Marion Casey
Eileen Egan
Peter Maurin
Peter Bergel
Joan Thomas
Dan Shay
Tom Cornell
David McReynolds
David Solnit
David Dellinger
Kristi Laughlin
Carlos Cortez
Eric LeCompte
Sue Frankel-Streit
Penelope & Franklin Rosemont
Mary Lathrop
Bob Steed
Kathy Kelly
Corbin Harney
Chris Crass
Peace Pilgrim
Ed Grothus

Voltairine De Cleyre's poetry read by:
Rebecca Watkins

Ammon Hennacy's Poetry read by:
Marcella Martinez, Michael Powell,
Heather Earth, Mike Butler
Patrick Moore, Robin Ray
and Joan Thomas
Issues & Topics
mentioned in the movie

Christianity & Anarchy
Pagan Anarchy
Disarming All Weapons
Earth First !
People First !
Christian Resistance to Nuclear Testing
Indigenous Resistance to Nuclearism
Industrial Workers of the World
International Workers of the World
War Resisters League
Conscientious Objectors to War
War Tax Resistance
Veterans For Peace
Nonviolence Training
Fellowship of Reconcilliation
Catholic Worker Movement
Green Anarchy
American Green Anarchy
Nuclear Information Service
Nuclear Contamination, a.k.a. Poison Fire
Pace E Bene: Franciscan Nonviolence
Consistent Ethics of Life
St. John of the Cross Christianarchy
Christian Science
Creation Spirituality
Vegetarian Info
Steve Allen
Bayard Rustin
Peter Kropotkin