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Transcript for A Peace of the Anarchy

Dugway Protesters, left to right: Markley Morris, Mel Harvey, Betty Bach, Ammon Hennacy, Mary Harvey & Marlow Murdock

White House Protest = Maurice McKracken, Earnest Bromley, George Austensin, Mary Grace, Bruce Friedrich, Art Laffin, Jim Reale, Elmer Maas, Greg Borche, Scott ...., Sr. Margaret McKenna

24 July 1893 Ammon born to Lida Fritz-Randolph Hearst & Benjamin F. H. "A. Ashford Leroy H." @ Valley Home Farm 1905 ( nationwide & .......) IWW starts up Ohio State Univ., Univ. of Wisc.... Hiram College 9 Nov 1915 Utah Joe Hill Assasinated by Utah 21 June 1918 Atlanta, GA first month of solitary confinement July 1918 Atlanta, GA second month in solitary confinement--writes poem "Hypocrites" 16 Feb 1916 ((EMMA GOLDMAN arrested for Birth Control Lecture, NYC)) August 1917 Butte, MT (( 8,000 march in funeral for FRANK LYTTLE )) November 1920 IWW's Monthly paper publishes "Hypocrites" 21 June 1921 Big Hike begins 1923 Butte, MT ANACONDA wins copper wars there 16 January 1924 Fairhope, AL Selma & Ammon teach 24 July 1925 Milwaukee, WI Selma & Ammon arrive & buy ten acres 17 June 1927 Bisanakee ( WI ) Carmen is born 23 Oct 1929 Bisanakee Sharon is born 23 Oct 1929 Great Depression of USA begin SPAIN 3,200 Americans join 40,000 internationals to fight Franco's forces. 1937 Milwaukee, WI Ammon meets Dorothy & Peter, Dorothy Speaks there...... Sept 1938 Nova Scotia, CANADA Dorothy Day 1942-1947 Albuquerque, NM (residence) 1943 Stops paying income tax 6 March 1947 ENGLAND Winston Churchill says "IRON CURTAIN" May 1948 Picket's Freedom Train 1948 INDIA (( Worldwide PACIFIST gathering )) 10 June 1950 Phoenix, AZ ??? Old Pioneer chases the Tax Man 24 Aug 1950 Hopiland, AZ the Snake Dance 1950 ??? picket for Hiroshima Day (see Sept CW for location and IF it's first time=5days) 1950 ( nationwide & WashDC ) (( EMERGENCY DETENTION ACT )) 1950 ( nationwide & WashDC ) (( COMMUNIST CONTROL ACT )) Dec 1950 Dan KATCHONGVA... 1951 ( nationwide & WashDC ) (( DASHELL HAMMET under McCarthyist scrutiny )) 1952 ( nationwide & WashDC ) (( Hubert Humphrey's MCCARRAN ACT ))) ( nationwide & WashDC ) (( SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES CONTROL ACT )) 1952 ((PEACE PILGRIM begins life-long hiking: on Appalachian Trail)) Dec 1953 ( nationwide & WashDC ) (( HUAC =House on Unamerican Activites )) 22 May 1954 Winslow, AZ ((HOPI public meeting re; internal squabbles)) June 1954 NYC PETER MAURIN DIES 6 June 1956 ( nationwide & NYC ) (((NYTimes Breaks story of Stalin's Terror Reign))) Feb 1957 Waterville, ME New upper plate (teeth fixed) 6 Aug 1957 NTS, Nevada CNVA's first protest action: 75 people with 11 arretsts 1958 London, ENGLAND (( ANTI-NUCLEAR PROTEST )) 1960 Sandstone Prison release 23 Jan 1963 (( DEBATE between MALCOM X & Bayard RUSTIN )) 27 October 1963 Las Vegas, NV Joan & Ammon: real wedding vows said together 1963 ((US, UK, USSR sign treaty to ban atmospheric & underwater nuc tests)) 1963 Washington, DC (((200,000 demonstrate for civil rights for Afro-Americans; Kennedy shot))) 9 Feb 1965 Las Vegas, NV St. Joan of Arc vows in church 14 Nov 1965 SLC, UT Library Joe Hill Concert & Lecture (UU Phillips & others) 29 Aug 1967 letter to Bishop Federal 11 March 1968 ((Caesar CHAVEZ ends a fast)) Dec 1969 Altamont, CA (( HELL'S ANGELS violent murder at concert )) Dec 1969 Los Angeles, CA (( Charlie MANSON Family Tate Labianca murders)) Dec 1969 NYC (( Weathermen bomb kills Weathermen)) Dec 1969 Chicago, IL ((Fred HAMPTON Assasinated by cops))) 1963 was another big year for dissent: Judith Malina, Miriam Levine & A-J Muste were part of a SIT-IN at the Atomic Energy Commission in NYC for Hiroshima Day, Ammon picketed against war and fasted 18 days because it had been 18 years since Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and one of the FIRST PROTESTS against the VietNam war OUTSIDE of New York City was at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, where NAPALM was developed. Ammon & Selma went on a FOUR-YEAR stroll around the USA...covering 22,000 miles, 10% of which was, on foot... secret stuff... Punk Rock Audio Collage by Katholic Worker Community Radio Collage included "Suburban Relapse" by Siouxsie & the Banshees "Pupper Ver Plopper" by Daily Terror "A Change is Gonna Come" by The Crass "California Uber Alles" by Dead Kennedys "Nobody Knows" by 999 "Too Much Junk" by the AlleyCats "UXA" by UXA "Foreign Policy" by Fear "C-30, C-60, C-90" by BowWowWow "The Last Goodbye" by Agent Orange "Five Foot One" by Iggy Pop "The American In Me" by The Avengers "America" by Saigon "America" by Agent Orange "Live Fast, Die Young" by Circle Jerks "Stars & Stripes" by Circle Jerks "Armalite Rifle" by Gang of Four "Year One" by X "Holiday In Cambodia" by Dead Kennedys "You Can't Disco With Jack Boots" by the Minutemen "Roots, Radicals, Rockers" by Stiff Little Fingers "Sha La La" by The Ramones