TRANSCRIPT for A Peace of the Anarchy progress...

The 69 minute version includes all 17 chapters. The 58 minute version is missing the portion about Kropotkin (in Ch. 12), the CND icon/peace sign (in Ch. 10), the final statement from Diane Hennacy about peace coming from within (in Ch. 15), AND all of the final black silence & extra stuff (post-credits raw bonus extra biz). If you have the longer version and and wish to use it within classroom time limits, you can skip past chapters according to your time limits with the hints below on the duration of chapters...

CHAPTER 1 = Opening Angelic Trouble in Prison duration= 1:17
CHAPTER 2 = Practical Power in Eachother duration= 1:24
CHAPTER 3 = Poison Fire duration= 1:38
CHAPTER 4 = Thoreau & Goldman duration= 2:34
CHAPTER 5= Vets For Peace duration= 3:36
CHAPTER 6 = Bloody Serious duration= 5:07
CHAPTER 7 = Risely & Nelson Removing Support duration= 5:28
CHAPTER 8 = SoveriegnArchy duration= 3:34
CHAPTER 9 = Bari & Dear: Devotion to Radical Nature duration= 4:43
CHAPTER 10 = Pass The Peace duration= 4:40
CHAPTER 11 = Poetic Resistance Grows duration= 4:59=duration
CHAPTER 12 = ChristiAnarchy & Romance duration= 4:05=duration
CHAPTER 13 = Rebel Art: Solnit & Cortez duration= 2:38=duration
CHAPTER 14 = St. Joe & Voltairine duration= 5:41=duration
CHAPTER 15 = Prophecies duration= 8:00=duration
EXTRAS = EXTRAS/RAW GEMS duration= ABOUT 7 minutes

CHAPTER 1 = Opening Angelic Trouble in Prison
"We need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers. Our power is in our ability to make things unworkable."--Bayard Rustin

CHAPTER 2 = Practical Power in Eachother

CHAPTER 3 = Poison Fire
DANIEL: Ammon picketed against the violence of genocidal, U-S nuclear weapons. The nuclear industry produces toxic hazards of concentrated radioactive pollution--also known as "poison fire". As our spinning earth orbits around the sun, landmark events resolve themselves into a coil of time.
DIANE: What do YOU call this place?
DANIEL: What do YOU call this place?
DIANE: Turtle Island?
DANIEL: Aztlan?

CHAPTER 4 = Thoreau & Goldman

CHAPTER 5= Vets For Peace

CHAPTER 6 = Bloody Serious
We couldn't sleep....couldn't find peace...Vandenberg Air Force Base
We're in a pretty conservative area...I want to know...washed off

CHAPTER 7 = Risely & Nelson Removing Support

CHAPTER 8 = SoveriegnArchy
Everybody believes in peace and freedom!

CHAPTER 9 = Bari & Dear: Devotion to Radical Nature
We're in a period that's very dark

CHAPTER 10 = Pass The Peace
Ammon's idea was that...

CHAPTER 11 = Poetic Resistance Grows
Ammon Hennacy wrote this poem:
(Joan, Marcella, Mike, Michael, Rainbeau, Patrick & Robin read the 1949 poem

CHAPTER 12 = ChristiAnarchy & Romance
We're talking about a movement...

DOROTHY: Alot of young people come to's a pacifist anarchist movement, and they come to learn about this way of life that's a change from the bottom-up rather than from the top-down.
EILEEN: alot of the young were of a religious bent. Dorothy used the term anarchism, and i said, "but Dorothy they've never even heard of this" and she'd say, "i mean the anarchism of Kropotkin--mutual aid and all that rot."
"Moreover, while early Christianity, like all other religions, was an appeal to the broadly human feelings of mutual aid and sympathy, the Christian Church has aided the State in wrecking all standing institutions of mutual aid and support which were anterior to it, or developed outside of it; and, instead of the mutual has preached charity which bears a character of inspiration from above, and, accordingly, implies a certain superiority of the giver upon the receiver...."
--Peter Kropotkin, 1902

CHAPTER 13 = Rebel Art: Solnit & Cortez

CHAPTER 14 = St. Joe & Voltairine
That year the Ammon Hennacy House of Hospitality was started by Los Angeles Catholic Workers.

CHAPTER 15 = Prophecies
I try to get the people to understand: the nuclear energy is not the way; radiation is agonna—I been saying it for many years—it’s gonna t-thin our life for us—not only a not only the humans but all the livin’ things. So we’re already beginning to see that. Then the “D.O.E.”—the nuclear energy dept. as they call themselves—they said they weren’t gonna test at the Nevada Test Site anymore. Everybody believed that—but I kept tellin’ the people that you CANNOT BELIEVE our government, because they’re the ones that are pushing this…

CHAPTER 16 = CREDITS (words already on-screen--no need to put here)
[OH--except for the words of John Dear interspersed with the lyrics, as follows...]

Join our campaign for disarmament--become NEW abolitionists...

" way to LOVE our enemies is ..."


"That is why Anarchy... strives to maintain and enlarge the precious kernel of social customs without which no human or animal society can exist. Only, instead of demanding that those social customs should be maintained through the authority of a few, it demands it from the continued action of all...."
--Peter Kropotkin; 1898

“Anarchism is therefore the teacher of the unity of life; not merely in nature, but in man.”
—Emma Goldman, from Anarchism & Other Essays

"I believe that anarchism is the finest and biggest thing man has ever thought of; the only thing that can give you liberty and well being, and bring peace and joy to the world."
--Alexander Berkman