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Publicity shots of Marcus Patrick Blaise Page; photos by by Sharon Barefoot
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Two Boots Video, NYC; corner of 3rd Street & Avenue A

Octavia Fellin Library, Gallup; between 1st & 2nd on Hill St

Burning Paradise, ABQ; 800 Central Ave. SW


The school institutional version (58 minutes) was released on Sept. 21st at the El Morro theatre in Gallup as a fundraiser for Street Solidarity and High Desert Pax Christi
The EXTENDED Remix version (62 minutes) was first screened on December 1st at the El Morro theatre in Gallup as a fundraiser for CARE 66 and Amnesty International.


30 & 31 July 2004
(Test Audience)

15 August 2004:

21 September 2004

23 September 2004

23 October 2004

9 November 2004

16 January 2005

New York Catholic Worker; Mary House: 55 E 3rd St @ 7:15 PM

El Morro Theatre; on Coal Avenue (between 2nd & 3rd) Gallup, NM

@ the El Morro Theatre; Gallup

@ The Long Haul Infoshop; Berkeley, CA

@ The Peace & Justice Center; Albuquerque, NM

Canadian Premier! Presented by boiling frog.

@ The Real Independent Film Festival; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


BIO of Editor/Director
50-word version

In the field of motion picture and audio recording production, Marc Page prefers editing. He has been a massage therapist in Fresno, CA managed a shelter for homeless men in San Francisco, been a Child Care Worker in Nevada City, CA, organized retreats and pilgrimmages to the nuclear test site in Nevada, and currently works with Pax Christi New Mexico (a group which--among other things--offers christian resistance to the violence of nuclear weapons). In New Mexico he works as a substitute teacher in elementary schools. Page is a proponent of permacultural sustainability, Christian anarchism, and the Revolution of the Heart.

Marcus Patrick Blaise Page was born via C-Section about 6 miles from Disneyland, CA on a Catholic Feast Day celebrating the divinely arranged special-superduper-angelic Conception of Mary, the Mother of God. Two decades later Page's intellectual & spiritual growth blossomed in the 1980s & 1990s in Northern California & New York City. By 1990 he had earned a BA in Media Communications with a minor in Film Studies. (He was doing his undergraduate work at the California State University campuses in Chico, Fullerton, & Sacramento.) Page became involved with the Catholic Worker Movement of the West Coast in the 1990s. In June & July of 1998 he lived at Gandhi Farm in Nova Scotia. Page says, "It was the most radical vegan farm I've every found--shunning all electricity and chemicals." He hopes to join another one in New Mexico as soon as it starts (2006 or 2007 perhaps???).

Dear Professors of History,

Lovarchy-Shalom Productions is currently distributing a new movie about certain forgotten aspects of US history. It’s called A Peace of the Anarchy and the school version is 58 minutes long. You can receive a copy for free by contacting Marcus Page of Lovarchy-Shalom via the info below. But first, here’s a testimony from a college history teacher in Sacramento, CA:

“For most Americans, anarchy and…anarchists… conjure up images of scarved, pony-tailed, trench-coated and camouflaged radicals smashing up those almighty symbols of corporate domination and unctuous consumerism…in Seattle during the WTO meeting in 2000. In an earlier era, to say anarchist was to think of bombs exploding in Chicago’s Haymarket Square in 1886 or Reds plotting the overthrow of the government in 1919….Using the life and work of Ammon Hennacy, a lifelong advocate of anarchy, as a backdrop, this film introduces us to the world of American anarchists past and present. …the film is an able introduction to a complex movement. This has excellent potential as a teaching tool at the college level, particularly in stimulating discussion about alternative views in American society and culture.” Curt Cardwell Ph.D. Candidate in history Rutgers University

Please Contact Me For Your/Your School’s Free Copy of A Peace of the Anarchy,

Marcus Patrick Blaise Page
POBox 4099 Albuquerque, NM 87196 usa 505.870.2275

Movie Description

A summary of 20th century American radicals with a notable focus on the christian pacifist anarchist Ammon Hennacy. Faith-based activists here attempt to appeal to the dominant culture, following the radical (rooted/basic/simple) ideology and optimism that goodness will overcome evil, love is superior to hate and truth trumps falsehood.

Filmmaker Bio

Born seven miles from Disneyland, Marcus Patrick Blaise Page later became a massage therapist, homeless shelter manager, and Child Care Worker. He also organizes pilgrimages to nuclear research sites, and currently works with Pax Christi New Mexico (a group which offers christian resistance to the violence of nuclear weapons).